Speaking Engagements

Public Seminar at CBS on Innovation Systems, Innovation Policy and Innovation Procurement – an account of the state of the art

Speaker: Professor Charles Edquist
Place: Kilevej 14A, 3nd floor, room K3.41, DK – 2000 Frederiksberg, Copenhagen Business School
Time: Wednsday February 27th 2013, 14:00 – 15:30
Innovation policy has to be based on identification of policy problems by means of comparing innovation systems over geography or over time. Two conditions must be fulfilled for public intervention to be motivated in a market economy:
(1)    Private actors must fail to achieve the objectives formulated in a political process, i.e. a problem must exist, and
(2)   Public actors must have the ability to solve or mitigate the problem.
A policy problem identified in this way indicates where and when policy intervention is called for. When the main causes of the policy problems have been identified, it is also possible to indicate how policy should be pursued, i.e. which instruments that should be used. Among the instruments there has recently been more emphasis on the demand side. Public procurement for innovation for the mitigation of grand challenges will be used to illustrate this.
This event is arranged by:
The Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics

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