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Offentlig upphandling och innovation 201205 Nordic
Small Country Innovation Systems: Globalization, Change, and Policy in Asia and Europe 200910 EvaluationFI
Medicin för Sverige! Nytt liv i en framtidsbransch 2007 OECD EC
2003 OECD the-internet-and-mobile-telecommunications-system-of-innovation 2002 VINNOVA
Skapar innovationer jobb? Innovation and Employment: Process versus Product Innovation
1999 ISE
1997 Systems 1985 Capitalism

Edquist, C., Vonortas, N. S., Zabala-Iturriagagoitia, J. M., Edler, J. (Eds.). (2015, January). Public procurement for innovation. UK: Edward Elgar Publishing, 304 pp, (forthcoming).

Edquist, C. (2014). Offentlig upphandling och innovation (Public Procurement and Innovation, written in Swedish) – Rapport för Konkurrensverket (The Swedish Competition Authority).

Gabrielsson, J., and Edquist, C. (2012). Den nationella svenska rapporten: Akademiker och tillväxt I Sverige, in The role of academics as entrepreneurs. Oslo: Nordic Innovation Publication 2012:07.

Edquist, C., and Hommen, L. (Eds.). (2011). 以欧洲和亚洲10个国家(地区)为例 (Small country innovation systems: Globalization, change, and policy in Asia and Europe – in Simplified Chinese). Beijing: Science Press, 362 pp.

Edquist, C., and Hommen, L. (Eds.). (2008). Small country innovation systems: Globalization, change, and policy in Asia and Europe. Edward Elgar Publishing (published in paperback 2009), 544 pp.

Edquist, C., Luukkonen, T., and Sotarauta, M. (2009, October 28). Broad-based innovation policy, sub-report.  In Evaluation of the Finnish National Innovation System – Full Report (pp. 11– 69). Helsinki. (The evaluation was carried out by a group of experts consisting of six international and twelve Finnish researchers, led by Pekka Ylä-Anttila and Petri Rouvinen, ETLA. Six sub-reports and a policy report were published; see, where all sub-reports are available.)

Arvidsson, G., Bergström, H., Edquist, C., Högberg, D., and Jönsson, B. (2007). Medicin för Sverige – Nytt liv i en framtidsbransch (Medicine for Sweden – New life into a sector of the future). Stockholm, Sweden: SNS förlag, 205 pp.

Fulton, O., Santiago, P., Edquist, C., El-Khawas, E., and Hackl, E. (2007, September). Thematic Review of Tertiary Education: Poland, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, Directorate for Education, Education and Training Policy Division , Paris, 152 pp.

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Edquist, C., Amanatidou, E., Belitz, H., Cruz, L., Edler, J., Georghiou, L., Granstrand, O., Guinet, J., Leprince, E., Orsenigo, L., Rigby, J., Romanainen, J., Stampfer, M., and van den Biesen, J. Improving the Effectiveness of Direct Public Support Measures to Stimulate Private Investment in Research – Study Report of the Working Group on Direct Measures for Directorate General Research, European Commission, Brusells, April 2003, 76 pp.

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Edquist, C. (2002). Innovationspolitik för Sverige – Mål, skäl, problem och åtgärder (Innovation Policy for Sweden – Objectives, Rationales, Problems and Measures) (VFI 2002:2). Stockholm, Sverige: VINNOVA (The Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems) 69 pp.

Edquist, C., Leif H., and McKelvey, M. Skapar innovationer jobb? Produktinnovationer och processinnovationer i den kunskapsbaserade ekonomin. The book is a translation into Swedish of Innovation and Employment: Process versus Product Innovation (see below), Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham, UK, June 2001. (The translation was financed by the Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems, VINNOVA.) SNS Publishers, May 2002, 264 pp.

Edquist, C., and Sjögren, H. Östergötland – en innovativ miljö? (East Gothia – An Innovative Environment? – in Swedish), Report published by Centrum för kommunstrategiska studier, Linköping University, 2001, 35 pp.

Edquist, C., Hommen, L., and McKelvey, M. Innovation and Employment: Process versus Product Innovation, Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham, UK, 2001, 214 pp.

Edquist, C., Rees, G., Larsen. K., Lorenzen, M., and Vincent-Lancrin, S. (2001). Cities and Regions in the New Learning Economy. Paris, France: Centre for Educational Research and Innovation (CERI) ─ Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), 147 pp.

Edquist, C., Hommen, L., and Tsipouri, L. (Eds.). (2000). Public Technology Procurement and Innovation. Boston/Dordrecht/London: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 311 pp. (includes six co-authored chapters).

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Edquist, C. Teknikbrostiftelsen i Linköping: En utvärdering av dess roll som offentlig såddfinansiär i det regionala innovationssystemet (The Technology Bridge Foundation in Linköping: An Evaluation of its Role as a Public Provider of Seed Capital in the Regional System of Innovation, written in Swedish), Linköping, February 1999, 60 pp.

Edquist, C. (with Dieter, E., Holland, J., and Kaplinsky, R.) The Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Review: Jamaica, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and The Commission on Science and Technology for Development, United Nations, New York and Geneva, 1999, 156 pp.

Edquist, C., and Texier, F. (Ed.). (1999). Innovation Systems and European Integration (ISE), CD-ROM containing 33 research reports produced within ISE, EU-funded research project coordinated by Charles Edquist.

Edquist, C., Hommen. L., Johnson, B., Lemola, T., Malerba, F., Reiss, T., and Smith, K.The ISE Policy Statement: The Innovation Policy Implications of the Innovation Systems and European Integration (ISE) Research Project, Linköping, Sweden, May 1998 (also included in the CD-ROM mentioned above), 76 pp.

Edquist, C. (Ed.) (1997). Systems of Innovation: Technologies, Institutions and Organizations. London: Pinter Publishers/Cassell Academic, 432 pp. (This is one of the most cited publications at

Edquist, C., Innovationspolitik för förnyelse av svensk industri (Innovation Policy for Renewal of Swedish Industry, in Swedish), Tema T Rapport 33, 1993, University of Linköping, Department of Technology and Social Change, 90 pp.

Edquist, C., and Jacobsson, S. (1988). Flexible Automation – The Global Diffusion of New Technology in the Engineering Industry. Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 227 pp. 

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