Innovation and Employment: Process versus Product Innovation

Which kinds of growth lead to increased employment and which do not? This is one of the questions that this important volume attempts to answer. The book explores the complex relationships between innovation, growth and employment that are vital for both research into, and policy for, the creation of jobs.

Politicians claiming that more rapid growth would remedy unemployment do not usually specify what kind of growth is meant. Is it, for example, economic (GDP) or productivity growth? Growing concern over ‘jobless growth’ requires both policymakers and researchers to make such distinctions, and to clarify their employment implications.

Publication Information

Edquist, C., Hommen, L., and McKelvey, M. (2001). Innovation and Employment: Process versus Product Innovation. UK: Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham, 214 pp.

ISBN: 1840644273


‘… a highly clear and well-argued book that should be useful for policy makers and higher education alike. It brings together much of the most recent and useful literature in the area of innovation, employment and related public policy. It is an opportune addition to the existing documentation of the subject.’

Jorge E. Niosi / Journal of Economics (2002)

‘The authors are skilled in the conventional economics paradigm. Thus, they are able to phrase the demonstration that it is an incomplete paradigm for analysis of the innovation-employment relationship in language that should be understood by economists in their own terms.’

Cooper H. Langford / Science and Public Policy (2003)

A Swedish version of the book is also available here

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