Systems of Innovation: Technologies, Institutions and Organizations

The systems of innovation approach is considered by many to be a useful analytical approach for better understanding innovation processes as well as the production and distribution of knowledge in the economy. It is an appropriate framework for the empirical study of innovations in their contexts and is relevant for policy makers. This text is the result of the work within an international inter-disciplinary network or “working seminar” with the task of building a more solid and sophisticated conceptual and theoretical foundation for the continued study of innovations in a systemic context. The book has three parts. The first presents an overview and tries to work out some conceptual problems. In the second, the systems of innovation approach is related to innovation theory. Part three is devoted to increasing understanding of the functioning and dynamics of systems of innovation. There is also an introduction where the genesis and anatomy of different systems of innovation approaches are discussed and where the systems of innovation approach is characterized in nine dimensions.

Publication Information

Edquist, C. (Ed.) (1997). Systems of Innovation: Technologies, Institutions and Organizations. London: Pinter Publishers/Cassell Academic, 432 pp.

ISBN: 9781855674523


”Systems of Innovation – Technologies – Institutions and organizations” is a major contribution to the economic theory of innovation.

─ Jean-Louis Caccomo (1997)

This book explores the debate around national difference, complementing arguments stressing the unevenness of globalization, and the remaining divergence between national or regional economies. It complements much of the techno-nationalism/techno-globalism literature, as well as providing a diverse set of readings regarding current research on innovation. Those developing [a] NSI approach will undoubtedly find this a useful reference tool as well as a spur for further thought or research.

─ Christopher May (1998)

Seventeen chapters written by leading scholars in the field. For serious students, particularly those concerned with systems.

─ Long Range Planning (1998)

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