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Charles and Susana’s paper, now published as a CIRCLE Electronic Working Paper

ImageThe paper of Charles and Susana entitled: “Competence Building: A Systemic Approach to Innovation Policy” which was presented and merited the Best Paper Award at the Atlanta Conference on Science & Innovation Policy is now available as a CIRCLE Electronic Working Paper.

You may download the paper by clicking on the link below.

Borrás, S., and Edquist, C. (2013). Competence building: A systemic approach to innovation policy. This paper was given the award for best paper at the Atlanta Conference of Science and Innovation Policy, Georgia, USA, 26-28 September 2013. Accepted for publication in Crespi, F. and Quatraro, F. (Eds.), The Economics of Knowledge, Innovation and Systemic Technology Policy, Routledge (forthcoming).

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