Chris Freeman Centenary Celebrations

Chris Freeman Centenary Lecture Series has been running all of this year. The two final panel discussions took place (on Zoom) on April 1 and April 7. Charles has the great honour to participate in the discussion on April 7. Please see the forwarded invitation below for more information.

From: CRIS 1 <>
Sent: den 11 mars 2021 20:31
Subject: Meet All Stars of Innovation – REGISTRATION, OPEN!

Here is an opportunity for you to meet all the frontline Innovations Scholars.

REGISTER TODAY!! Links given below

ONLY 300 can participate on ZOOM 

Panel discussion-1 (01.04.2021): Carlota Perez | Rasigan Maharajh | Judith Sutz | Joseph K.J | Helena Lastres | Keun Lee | Bitrina Diyamet | Ann Kingiri | Lena Trojer | Marina Szapiro

Regn. Link:

Panel discussion-1 (07.04.2021): Bengt Ake Lundvall | Richard Nelson | Luc Soete | Giovanni Dosi | Charles Edquist | Alan Freeman | Francisco Louça | Edward Lorenz | Franco Malerba | Mammo Muchie | Laurens Klerkx

Regn. Link: