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New article: Towards a Holistic User Innovation Policy

Lars Bengtsson’s and Charles’ article “Towards a Holistic User Innovation Policy” has now been published in the International Journal of Innovation Studies last February 7th, 2022.

The abstract reads:

This paper aims to synthesize previous user innovation policy proposals into an adapted systems of innovation framework, on which a future holistic user innovation policy for the household sector can be based. We do this in three steps. First, we introduce the systems of innovation framework as a comprehensive basis for a holistic approach to innovation policy. Second, we identify and review policy proposals made by user innovation researchers and categorize them according to ten key activities in the systems of innovation framework. Third, from a systems of innovation perspective, we synthesize the policy proposals identified into an adapted framework including determinants specific for user innovation in the household sector. The synthesized proposals are intended to strengthen the systemic and multi-causal effects of policy on household sector user innovation in a country, region, or sector. Future policies for user innovation may, on this basis, be instrumental in avoiding mono-causality, or the concentration on only a few policy instruments in a proposed policy.

You can download a copy of the article on the official website here, or in the website here.

Bibliographic information:

Lars Bengtsson, & Charles Edquist. (2022). Towards a holistic user innovation policy. International Journal of Innovation Studies6(1), 35–52.